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Barry E Dickinson FGA has over 30 years within the jewellery trade covering many varied aspects within the industry. 


Insurance appraisal: An insurance appraisal is a comprehensive description supporting the value to be used as the basis for establishing the cost of a premium under an insurance policy.

It represents a value for settlement in the event of a claim.


If you ever have to make a claim on your jewellery, an accurate and up-to-date appraisal provides the details of what makes your jewellery distinct and is the best way to assure you are properly protected for its full value. With the right personal jewellery insurance, if you need a repair or replacement, you should be able to receive the same kind and quality as the original item. 


Appraisals are not soley for Insurance see the details in our Services section.

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  • Advantage 1 - jewellery valuations in the comfort of your own home
  • Advantage 2 - safety and trust - no items leaving your pocession
  • Advantage 3 - jewellery cleaned 
  • Advantage 4 - digital images of your valuables
  • Advantage 5 - printed bound report with interactive Digital Media
  • Advantage 6 - re-valuation at reduced costs - original items only.


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